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Vendor Management
Written by Ali Aas
Updated over a week ago

When paying bills on Ambrook, you will want to keep information about your vendors up-to-date for timely payment and communication. You can access your vendor data from the icon on the vendor selection box (seen below) during payable creation.

Click the icon on the right side of the box to see your list of vendors, and then click the pencil next to each one’s name to view and edit information about that vendor.

Field Name

Description and Use

Business Name


Vendor name.

Contact Name


Name of your contact at the vendor.



Vendor email address.

Phone Number


Vendor phone number.

Mailing Address


Vendor’s mailing address, used if you wish to pay this vendor via a mailed check.

Bank Account Information


Vendor’s routing number, account number, and account holder name. Used if you wish to pay this vendor via Ambrook ACH.

1099 Checkbox


Check this box if the vendor is an independent contractor or will otherwise require a 1099 form from your business at the end of the year. Ambrook does not send 1099s on your behalf, but you can use these profiles to track the need to do so.

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