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Connecting Accounts on Ambrook
Written by Ali Aas
Updated over a week ago

One of the most important ways that Ambrook helps you to do your bookkeeping faster is by connecting directly to your financial institutions and bringing their live transaction feed into your ledger. Members who are able to connect all of their financial accounts and services to Ambrook will have the best possible experience because these connections allow every financial flow to be organized, tagged, and available for analysis without manual data entry or delay. Ambrook makes and maintains these connections primarily through a service called Plaid.

How to Connect Your Financial Accounts to Ambrook

Connecting your account to Ambrook should be as easy as logging on to your bank's online portal. First login to and login, or open your Ambrook app if you are using your mobile device, and find your Settings tab. From here, navigate down to the Financial section and click Connected Accounts. If you have any accounts connected already, you will see them listed here. To connect a new account, click the + Connect New button.

You will see a note about how Ambrook uses Plaid to connect to your accounts, click Continue to accept the Plaid Privacy Policy and continue. Now search for the account you wish to connect by name. Many bank names are similar, so make sure that the URL shown in plaid is the same one you use to access your bank online.

How to Fix a Broken Account Connection

Sometimes an accounts connection will be disrupted, and you will see a red warning on in your app that it needs to be re-linked. This is generally not cause for alarm; most banks periodically sign users out to maintain security. Simply click on the red warning and follow the steps to relink the account.

How to Connect your Point-of-Sale Software to Ambrook

In addition to financial accounts, Ambrook directly integrates with most commonly used Point-of-Sale software to give you even more data on which to base your bookkeeping and business analysis. Similar to connecting to a bank account above, we accomplish this connection through partnership with a service called Codat. During your onboarding, you will receive an email from Codat asking you to select your Point-of-Sale software and enter your credentials.

Also similarly to connected financial accounts, you will periodically need to reaffirm your Point-of-Sale credentials to maintain account security. Ambrook will alert you on your dashboard when reaffirmation is necessary.

Security and Privacy

Ambrook and its partners take your financial security and privacy extremely seriously. Ambrook uses industry-standard best practices (such as encryption, access control, and logging) to secure your data. We have been audited and certified by Ag Data Transparent, and have strict internal systems and processes in place that ensure your information, financial and otherwise, is kept safe and confidential. To learn more, see our privacy policy or contact us at the details below.

Need More Help?

If you have further questions or need help with your connected accounts, we are available to support you 7 days a week via the "Contact Support" button in your Ambrook app, by phone or text at (303) 554-6845, or by email at

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